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Live Edge Slabs

We currently have over 100,000 board feet of live edge walnut, torrey pine, ash & many more species in the form of slabs, rounds, logs and roots. Our showroom houses much of it, with most species coming to us from many San Diego and Orange County locations. Our inventory includes slabs up to 20’ long, as well as mantle stock and rounds, and a multitude of other shapes and sizes.

We are dedicated to conservation. We salvage local trees destined for the landfill, mill them into slabs and lumber, and dry them in custom-made solar kilns. We then complete the drying process in a conventional kiln to heat-treat them, which sets the pitch and sterilizes for bugs and fungus. Only then do we begin to construct breathtaking slab tables and furniture that allows the soul of the tree to live on. Having the ability to take raw timber and turn in into a one-of-a-kind piece allows us the freedom to be a one-stop-shop. Each piece is as unique as a fingerprint. Whether it's a legacy or heritage tree, or a simple street tree, we find deep satisfaction in the metamorphosis of changing the mortality of what would ordinarily be discarded or burned. With a “no waste” attitude, wood shavings and sawdust are available to anyone that's interested - for permaculture / mulch, or composting, for example.

Live Edge Walnut Slabs

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