We manufacture custom, luxury cabinetry, as well as unique, one-of-a-kind live edge slab tables, consoles, benches and bars, shelves and countertops.

We offer live edge slabs in a variety of sizes for sale to the trade, as well as the general public, and provide an a la carte menu of milling services. Our passionate team of artisans demonstrate their pride, skill and tenacity on each and every project, with timeless quality as the number one priority. 


We are dedicated to conservation through the salvage of local trees, and find deep satisfaction in their metamorphosis from green waste to family heirloom.

The method of conservation we practice is by milling locally felled trees into live edge slabs, and through the crafting of bespoke furniture. By keeping wood out of the landfill, we help to  decrease the release of harmful greenhouse gases emitted when wood decays or is burned as firewood. Why does this matter? When wood rots or is burned, the CO2 that it absorbed during its lifetime (as a tree) is released back into the atmosphere. As we’re all well-aware these days, an abundance of CO2 is one of the primary contributors to climate change.


Although we live in an age where many traditional trade skills are disappearing, at JNilsonDesigns we stay connected to woodcraft through our hands-on approach and attention to every detail.

We enjoy applying our skills to a broad range of projects, and thrive on taking on those that others say can’t be done.

Our primary goal is to create one of a kind, heirloom-quality furniture pieces that will last for generations. We will help our clients in any way possible, whether it’s constructing a simple piece, detailing and engineering a plan to completion, or collaborating to harmonize all the elements involved.


JNilsonDesigns is the namesake of its owner, Jeff Nilson. Located in Oceanside, California, JNilsonDesigns was born from Jeff’s desire for handmade, unique items.


Since 1997, Jeff has been interested in working with materials of all kinds. What started as a hobby as a kid turned into a passion that subsequently blossomed into a career of crafting and creating custom items for customers.

Get in touch to learn more about our process and to see what we can create for you.



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